Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a globally reputed chemical manufacturing company with respect to our Research, Technologies, Quality, Safety and care of our Environment.

Our mission is to grow exponentially in a multi-faceted manner in the group chemistries that we are proficient in and most importantly, through our customer support.

About us

Anupam Rasayan India Limited is a leading custom manufacturer of speciality chemicals which are used for the Agrochemicals, Anti-Bacterial, Polymers, Pharmaceuticals, Material Sciences. With our customers at the heart of everything we do, our focus is to manufacture products with sustainability using our cutting edge technologies, greater R&D and engineering capabilities to deliver values for our customers for their complex and multi-step synthesis projects.

Since 1977 Anupam Rasayan India Limited has been a valuable partner to our customers for custom manufacturing of multi-synthesis molecules such as Agrochemical Actives & Intermediate, Pharmaceutical intermediates, Home and Personal Care chemicals and Polymer and material science products on exclusive basis for our customers. We are an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company with sound technology, environment consciousness, rich history of innovation through research, and total commitment to excellence towards quality and sustainability.

We have developed a strong R&D structure to drive company growth and hold the prestige of introducing many firsts to India’s market space. Thanks to our R&D team, Anupam Rasayan India Limited has secured a strong market position. Because we strongly believe that continued investment in Research and Development activities is imperative for continued success and growth. Our state-of-the-art Research and Development Centre is a perfect testimony of the commitment to this belief.

Green manufacturing and Green growth have always been to the top of our agenda, we have developed new eco-friendly, safer and novel routes for many products. Most of these products have been introduced on an exclusive basis for our customers.

We have Six manufacturing sites that are located in the state of Gujarat: 4 sites are in Sachin, Surat and 2 state of art sites are in Jhagadia, Gujarat.

Manufacturing Facilities

Anupam Rasayan Site No:1

Plot No. 8104, 8109, 8110, 8111, 268/1
GIDC Sachin, Surat
Gujarat – 394230

Anupam Rasayan Site No:2

Plot No. 701, 2419/1, 2419/2
GIDC Sachin, Surat
Gujarat – 394230

Anupam Rasayan Site No:3

Plot No. 905/1, Jhagadia Industrial Estate,
GIDC Jhagadia, Bharuch
Gujarat – 393110

Anupam Rasayan Site No:4

Plot No. 907/3, 907/4, Jhagadia Industrial Estate,
GIDC Jhagadia, Bharuch
Gujarat – 393110

Anupam Rasayan Site No:5

Plot No. 827, Jhagadia Industrial Estate,
GIDC Jhagadia, Bharuch
Gujarat – 393110

Anupam Rasayan Site No:6

Plot No. 2425, 2423,
GIDC Sachin, Surat
Gujarat – 394230


Our certification speaks volumes about our potential and quality.
We are deeply committed to deliver nothing less that the best.

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