High Resolution Gas Chromatograph

The Thermo Scientific DFS is the most advanced magnetic sector, high-resolution mass spectrometer ever built for target compound analysis and for solving general organic analytical questions.
HRGC MS – DFS – FMS (automated sample preparation) for analysis of Dioxins and Furans – rapid identification and quantification for the presence of Dioxins and Furans in our products at PPT levels.


Automated identification based on molecular weight for all organic impurities in a product at Part per Billion (PPB) levels.
Supplier – Agilent, Model 5977A.


Rapid assay of “all” inorganic elements present in a product at PPT levels with mass spectra confirmation of all the respective elements as present in the product.
Supplier – Thermo Fisher, Model.


Rapid assay of metal impurities at PPM levels in our product for defined elements.
Supplier – Thermo Fisher.