Project: Sickle Cell Disease comprehensive care program

Objective: The Objective of the program was to develop comprehensive sickle cell care for approximately 300 patients every year at SEWA Rural.

Impact Assessment: Total 1012 patients were enrolled and 70% patients followed up at the weekly sickle cell clinic. These patients were from 623 villages from 7 districts of Gujarat & Maharashtra. About 80% of the registered patients received required pneumococcal vaccination. Currently 93 children receive prophylaxis penicillin. Coverage of pneumococcal vaccination increased from 0.5% to 80%. 88% of the eligible patients are on life saving drug Hydroxyurea. Significant improvement in quality of life was observed in the patients and quite a few lives were saved during the project period. 1068 patients were hospitalized and received the standard care as per the international standards in the program period. During baseline crisis rate for all patients was 249 crises/100-person year. During follow up, crisis rate decreased to 44 crisis/100 person years. There was significant decrease in hospitalization rate from 59 hospitalizations/100-person year at baseline to 51 hospitalizations/100-person year at follow up period. At baseline blood transfusion rate was 41 BT/100-person year and during follow up blood transfusion rate to 31.5 BT/year. The average Hb level was 8.5 gm/dl at the baseline, while average at last follow up of each individual was 9.62gm/dl. Although after all our efforts, total 45 patients died since last 4 years. The improving outcomes in the sickle cell disease patient is challenging, although above model suggest great acceptability and usability of the hospital based services among sickle cell disease patients.

Project: To reduce Neonatal Mortality Rate (NMR), Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and child malnutrition in six tribal blocks of Gujarat.

Objective: controlling the Neonatal Mortality Rate (NMR), Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) & child malnutrition in six tribal blocks of Gujarat; community based comprehensive care to approximately 30,000 pregnant women, new-born babies & children at community level; development of mobile phone application as a job-aid to health workers at village and clinic level; and training 250 health workers (population: 250,000 across 250 villages) for using this mobile phone application; and support to health workers for 3 years from April 2014.

Impact Assessment: 25972 pregnant women, 20630 new-born babies and 17924 children under the age of 2 years from Bharuch & Narmada districts were benefitted during April, 2013. Due to technology aid, jobs of 200 ASHAs & 70 PHC staff were made easier & more effective. More than 700 ASHAs were trained. The capacity of village level health workers building sustainability of the program was enhanced. 4838 high risk child morbidities & 1014 maternal morbidities were diagnosed & followed up by the helpline team, handling an average 1429 cases/ month in the project period. Around 200 villages of the region received direct & indirect benefits.

Project: Organizing camp for free eye check-up and surgeries in collaboration with the Rotary Eye Institute of Navsari.

About the project: The Company is involved in eye health care medical project organizing the camp for free eye check-up and surgeries with the Rotary Eye Institute of Navsari. It is organized every year in the Sachin industrial region of Surat. The poor people of the region, villagers and a large number of labourers working in the factories are directly benefitted from this project. The Company has been taking up this project since the year 2007-08. The Rotary Eye Institute provides the services of the doctors without any cost and the Company covers the cost of the camp, check-up, surgeries, treatment cost including the spectacles and medicines to the patients.

Impact Assessment: Around 700 beneficiaries in 2012 & 2013 received the benefit. In the year 2017 around 281 patients were given free eye check-up and spectacles around 431 patients were provided. In the camps of 2018-19, free spectacles to around 708 patients were given by the Company and surgeries on 210 patients were performed. Surgeries for the problems like Cataract with I.O.L., Squint eye surgery and Glaucoma Surgeries, RE Ecce + Iol operation, LE Ecce + Iol, RE Pterygium operation, and LE Pterygium and LE OCT operation have been performed on the patients.

Project: Upgradation of Physiotherapy Department of Dinbandhu Charitable Hospital Trust.

About the project: The Company took up upgradation of physiotherapy department in Dinbandhu Charitable Hospital Trust, in Kholwad, Kamrej Taluka, Surat. The hospital serves nearly 60 villages near the Kamrej Taluka, Gujarat. The physiotherapy department of the hospital required renovation with technology and facilities to benefit the poor sections of the society. The contribution to this project has enhanced the capacity of the department to treat patients which were recommended earlier to other hospitals for treatment.

Impact Assessment: Total 1812 OPD patients in a period of 6 months were treated in the department after renovation with the new upgraded equipment. 1032 OPD patients were treated in the physiotherapy department from January’20 to March’20. Post- surgical physiotherapy treatment with the help of TKR, THR-CPM machines, Laser & D Tract-Laser machines, pneumatic compressive device for treatment in ligament injuries, low-back pain, swelling and edema quadriplegia, arthritis pain, PIVD etc. are now treated at the hospital’s physiotherapy department.

Project: Environment conservation and protection of flora and fauna.

About the project: The Company has taken up a project with the implementing agency PRAYAS Team Environment Charitable Trust, implementing agency (“IA”) for rescue and rehabilitation of the wildlife including animals, birds, reptiles etc. along with plantation of trees and transplantation and rescue of the trees.

Impact Assessment: With the permanent facilities like veterinary doctors and para medical staff, ambulance, operation facilities and rehabilitation facilities, the team has been sensitizing the people towards protection of the wildlife including animal, birds, reptiles and trees has been one of the objectives, for which the project team reaches out to the people through educational institutions in urban and rural regions of Surat and South Gujarat for spreading awareness with regard to protection and conservation of the environment and taking necessary steps for helping the helpless animals, birds, reptiles etc. The efforts of the IA has saved 9244 animals, 8204 birds, 2339 reptiles and 14 other species in the year 2019 and 4922 animals, 5108 birds, 1295 reptiles and 3 other species in the year 2020 (source:

Project: Skill Angel Cognitive Learning Program.

About the project: A Skill Angel Program for children from rural area has been built to enable the children to learn online, helping to develop the skills of the students by- increased attention span, quick information processing, better logical thinking & reasoning, stronger decision making planning skill, improved understanding of curriculum, and foundation for competitive exams & Olympiads and improvement in the language & communication skills.

Impact Assessment: The program has been taken up with the Shakti Krupa Charitable trust. The project seeks to start the program with 10 primary government grant aided schools in the Mota Fofalia cluster in Sinor Taluka of Vadodara District, expected to benefit approximately 1000 students and has implemented the project in the Shree Chhotubhai A. Patel Learning Institute. Edsix had commissioned a case study of students who had undergone Skill Angel Program Cognitive Learning Program who showed promising results in the improved cognitive skills of the students.