At Anupam Rasayan, occupational health and safety of employees are our key priorities and important business objectives.

Employee Safety

The Safety Management Team has the prime responsibility for ensuring that everything reasonably practicable is done in order to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all our employees and other third parties that may be affected by our business activities.

We are conscious of our responsibility towards creating, maintaining and ensuring a safe and clean environment, reducing health and safety hazards through application of efficient technologies and maintaining safe work practices for sustainable development.

We are working to raise health and safety management standards by introducing and implementing an active occupational health and safety management system.

In order to continually improve levels of occupational health and safety, we have been establishing and working towards achieving health and safety targets based on the below central themes.

  • The establishment of a completely safe workplace (risk reduction through risk assessment).
  • The creation of a comfortable workplace environment.

Process Safety

Process safety is a key element of safe and efficient production.

Our goal is to build and operate plants along with safe and efficient process conditions where we minimize the process risk in such a way that the potentiality of malfunctions is reduced using our in-house as well as globally reputed safety standards.

We conduct various tests at all stages of product development that is at R&D laboratory level as well pilot plant levels to generate the process safety data of the product and which is used to design the SOP for the manufacturing of the products before taking the product to into plant for commercial production.

Transportation Safety

Transportation safety of our products is also important and among the key priorities in Anupam’s Safety initiatives.

The transportation of chemicals is necessary for manufacturing and distribution of products within regional and international borders but these transportation of Chemicals also pose a potential risk to the public safety and environment. Anupam Rasayan follows Chemical Transportation Risk Assessments where the Chemical handling and movement guidelines/procedures are prepared along with emergency management.