Over last 4-5 decades, Anupam has been custom manufacturing of Speciality Chemicals, which are custom developed based on customer needs. In our decades of manufacturing experience, we have developed most of the products for the first time in India for our Global customers based in Europe, USA & Japan.

With the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, great chemistry and engineering strengths, we custom manufacture and supply few to multi thousand tonnes of products to our customers.

Anupam has been the partner of Choice for our customers for multi-step synthesis projects as a result of following key capabilities:

Business Model

Today’s business environment is very competitive. The challenge is to resist being another ‘me too’ business model. Sustainable competitive advantage is the key to our business success. Delivering the best in class services at the most competitive cost is the core of our offering. It is the force that enables us to have a greater focus on creating long term value. Innovation is a key characteristic which enables to have a competitive advantage. Innovations through the development of new products or services, new technologies and processes. We know the pace of changes is ruthless and continues to increase. But we keep abreast with the latest know-how in the industry. And that’s how we are one of the leading players in the market.

Reliable & Responsible Supplier

A responsible and trusted partnership creates the foundation for a strong relation and profitable growth. We develop sustainable supply chains that deliver business value and are inclusive and transparent, creating long-term benefit for all involved stakeholders. We attribute our rapid success to a Flexible, Client-Centric Approach. The customer is the centre of our business philosophy and it’s their privilege to have more personalised and self-centred service. Outstanding flexibility in meeting our client requirements, reliability and a commitment to meeting delivery deadlines are the core characteristics of our work. Because we view our clients as partners who make an important contribution to our business success.

Below are the 5 pillars that embody Anupam Rasayan making us the preferred choice for our products:

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