“Innovation through Research” is the driving force for Anupam. Anupam has robust R&D centre and the technological expertise, which helps us to develop products as required by our customers. The R&D centre is capable of developing many multi-step synthesis products simultaneously.

The R&D centre is backed by robust infrastructure to develop products along with Kilo-Lab and pilot plants, which is capable of not only developing products but also defining novel manufacturing process such as Continuous Manufacturing, Flow Chemistry Systems, Microwave Reactors and Photo Chemistry for Photo Chlorination & Photo Bromination.

Process Intensification

We are into the process of intensifying the reactions using “Continuous Flow Stirred Reactor” (CFSR). We have been able to intensify the (below) mentioned reactions/process by using specialized equipment like (CSTR) Continuous Flow Stirred Reactor, Liquid Liquid Extractor (LLE), Static Mixers (SM), Phase separators (PS) and novel technologies like Flow Chemistries for commercial manufacturing of suitable products which is launched for the first time in India.

Development Stage Quantity MOC Available
Glass SS/MS Titanium Hastelloy Silicon Carbide (SiC)
R&D 50Gm
Kilo Lab 1Kg-5Kg
Pilot 5Kg-25Kg
Commercial Pilot 100Kg-1MT
Commercial Production >1 MT

Analytical Infrastructure

High Resolution Gas Chromatograph

The Thermo Scientific DFS is the most advanced magnetic sector, high-resolution mass spectrometer ever built for target compound analysis and for solving general organic analytical questions.
HRGC MS – DFS – FMS (automated sample preparation) for analysis of Dioxins and Furans – rapid identification and quantification for the presence of Dioxins and Furans in our products at PPT levels.


Automated identification based on molecular weight for all organic impurities in a product at Part per Billion (PPB) levels.
Supplier – Agilent, Model 5977A.


Rapid assay of “all” inorganic elements present in a product at PPT levels with mass spectra confirmation of all the respective elements as present in the product.
Supplier – Thermo Fisher, Model.


Rapid assay of metal impurities at PPM levels in our product for defined elements.
Supplier – Thermo Fisher.

Pilot Plant

We have a dedicated pilot plant utility section with hot oil circulation unit, chilling plant, steam supply, vacuum pumps with steam ejectors etc.

We have a versatile pilot plant facility. It has been designed for

  • Pilot Production from 1 Kg. to 100 Kgs.
  • Contract Research Development
  • Process improvement
  • Data generation for plant design and optimization studies
  • Energy minimization studies
  • Process hazard evaluation
  • Ascertaining the purity & impurity profile of products

Project Management

Being a Custom Manufacturer, Anupam also provides Project Management Services for our customers for the key and strategic projects in focused manner for implementing and commercialising the projects in time-bound manner.

Based on requirement of the customer, Anupam can develop indigenous technology to manufacture required products and jointly work with customer for developing the technology for manufacturing required products.

Although Anupam works based on customer requirements, the typical Project Management methodology followed by Anupam is as below where at every stage the customer is informed with the status of the project as per the defined project execution timelines:


  • Primary Feasibility Study of Product
  • Start R&D Work (If product can be manufactured)
  • Prepare Product Samples
    • Analysis & Product Validation
    • Product Process Dossier Preparation
    • DSC & RC Test
    • HAZOP
    • Effluent Profiling
  • Process Hazard Analysis & Mitigation
  • Analysis based on Customer’s Method of Analysis
  • Impurity Profiling & Product Dossier preperation
  • Preparing Indicative costing

Pilot & Process Optimisation

  • Pilot trials & Process Optimization
  • Prepare Product
    • Analysis & Product Validation
    • DSC & RC Test
  • Data Generation
  • Prepare larger product samples
  • Process Optimisation
  • Impurity Profiling & Product Dossier preperation
  • Product Dossier Preparation with Data update
  • Analysis whether product can be manufactured in existing sites
  • Product Cost Analysis considering existing and new sites (if required)
  • Primary Analysis of Plant Requirements


  • Pilot trials & Process Optimization
  • If Product can be manufactured in existing Sites then do assessment of required changes based on required product quantities
    • Prepare P&ID
    • HAZOP’s
    • Prepare Plant for Production
    • Start Production
  • If new plant is required:
    • Project Cost Analysis
    • Regulatory Approval Management
    • Plant Designing
      • P&ID Preparation & Budgetary approvals
      • HAZOPS
      • P&ID Revision
      • Finalize Plant Design
    • Building up Plant
    • Commercial Production